Renault Nissan Infiniti QX80
Nissan Updates The Infiniti QX80, But It Will Always Be An Outdated Renault
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Nissan sold just over 79K Infiniti vehicles during 2020 for the entire U.S. territory. America is the biggest market for the Infiniti brand, which is the premium luxury arm of the Renault automotive ecosystem. Infiniti is the only way Renault can sell and make money in America. But 79K sales is a disater for Inifiniti consdering it aims to take on the likes of BMW. And BMW sells over 324K vehicles every year in the land of the free. The Nissan Infiniti brand not only has a problem it is a problem. And the giant Infiniti QX80 oversized SUV is part of the problem. Here is the updated 2021 model, it is still using analog driving binnacles. No premium luxury brand uses analog driving binnicles. BMW, Mercedes, Audi have all gone for digital displays. Digital displays are way better, it screams modernity and a car brand adapting with the times.

Renault Nissan Infiniti QX80 - Rear - Dailycarblog

And Nissan wants to charge $70K to it’s American customers for the updatded-outdated QX80. BMW sells over 50,000 X5 SUVs annually in the U.S. Nissan sells 19K QX80s, every damn year, so there is hope after all for the QX80 in America. But hope is dwindling. Nissan has money to burn in a bid to keep Renault’s American ambitions alive. OK, so what about the QX80’s updates?

Renault Nissan Infiniti QX80 - Interior - Daily Car Blog

Standard equipment includes a 12.3-inch infotainment system that is deliberately styled to resememble a stero audio stack from the 1980s. Nappa leather is standard, as are heated front seats and a 13-speaker Bose sound system. It’s packed full of driver assist and safety functions that will keep even the most sleep deprived driver alert at all times. And the Nissan Infiniti QX80 rides on 20-inch alloys. Prices start at $70K for entry level edition, if you are totally insane you can opt for the top-spec Sensory edition which costs $82K. 

Renault Nissan Infiniti QX80 - SE - Dailycarblog

And for that price, everything is slightly better. A slightly better sound system, slightly better leather and slightly better suspension. They should have called it the QX80 Slightly Better Edition. The only real appeal it offers to the American market is the 5.6-liter, 400bhp V8 which is mated to a 7-speed automatic gearbox. Rear-wheel drive is standard. Even for a so-called premium brand, the QX80 is unappealing at every level.

Our objective opinion is, just buy the Cadillac Escalade why don’t you.

Renault Nissan Infiniti QX80
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