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WhistlinDiesel Tests The World’s Most Unreliable Ford Pickup Truck

Farmboy yokel, WhistlinDiesel, has bought a Ford Pickup truck powered by a 6.0-litre diesel. The diesel is an anathema to the American psyche. For an American, a diesel pickup truck is the work of the devil. So WhistlinDiesel decides to buy one and unleashes hell in a series of unfortunate tests.

He conducts a number of durability tests to see just how reliable a pickup truck Ford has made. At one point during the video, the YouTuber punches the driver’s side door mirror… purpose unknown. Probably done for views or he really is just an unhinged son of a gun.

Anyway, watching a WhistlinDiesel video is like walking into the unknown and falling into an abyss at the same time. He is an all-American nutter raking in the YouTube Ad money for louting about in jerk water USA.

WhistlinDiesel Test Unreliable Ford Pickup - dailycarblog
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