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Volkswagen ID4 No Redemption Apology Tour Wins A Prestigious Award For Manufacturing Consent
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They, Volkswagen, spent 25 years celebrating the cleanest diesel ever to hit the market. The reality was far different, there was no so-called ‘clean diesel’. There was only dieselgate. There was only pollution, there were only countless lives needlessly lost, thousands per year in Europe alone according to WHO stats. Thousands of lives ended prematurely because Volkswagen committed fraud and deception on an unprecedented scale over that 25 year period.

And now the coverup begins, the road to redemption, the plaudits, the rewards and the awards. Volkswagen should be holding their heads in shame. But Volkswagen has a secret weapon in which to fight back. Money. VW’s PR and marketing advertising spend machine is like a carrot looking for donkeys. And there are plenty of donkeys willing to eat the carrots. Because the ID4 Apology Tour EV has won an award, handed out to them by a prestigious UK-based motoring publication.

Recognition is the oxygen of success. Car industry awards have become backslapping events, a method to manufacture consent, a means by which to forgive and forget. If we remember those who gave their lives in WW1 and WW2, why do we not remember those who lost their lives as a direct result of dieselgate?

Volkswagen never wanted the ID4, it exists due to the aftermath of Dieselgate. The ID4 represents submission and admission of guilt. If Volkswagen wanted a fleet of electric vehicles to save the planet why did they spend 25 years polluting it? Volkswagen’s redemption is being manufactured by consent, they should be condemned for eternity. 

But time, an endless supply of money, and a willing media manufacturing consent through awards will plaster over the cracks left behind by dieselgate.

Volkswagen ID4 First Edition dailycarblog
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