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What to Do Before Your MOT Test

Your annual MOT can be a worrying time, especially if you rely on your vehicle to get to school and work. But you can take steps to make sure that your car stands the best possible chance of getting through its MOT test, by checking the car yourself first to ensure all basics are covered. The full MOT test checklist is available online, but here are some of the easiest items to tick off, if you have ever asked, ‘What do I need to do before an MOT test?’

Brakes, Lights and Steering

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The original MOT test in 1960 only looked at three things: the brakes, lights and steering of a vehicle. This was because these three features allow drivers to stop their cars, get them safely off the road after a breakdown or avoid an accident, and lights up the vehicle so other road users can avoid them, all instances which could make the difference between a serious accident and an inconvenient but minor breakdown. All your lights should be bright and even, the brakes should be sharply responsive in an emergency stop, and your steering should not have a lot of excess play before the wheels respond.

Make a Noise

In today’s much politer world, we rarely have cause to sound our horn. But they can be vital in an emergency, alerting other road users about danger and helping to avoid accidents and collisions that could be fatal. Make sure your horn works by pressing it once or twice in the days before your MOT test.

Wash the Windows

Your MOT test looks for how roadworthy your car is, and being able to see clearly is one of the necessary criteria for any driver. Make sure both of your windscreens (back and front) are clean and free of chips, cracks and other damage, and also ensure the windows are clean and free from obstructions such as stickers, layers of dust and other things that might make it hard for you to see other road users.

Top Up Everything

Make sure your fluids are topped off. This means, as well as making sure you have enough fuel in the vehicle, you should top up the water in your radiator, ensure your windscreen washer reservoir is filled, and that you have enough oil for the smooth operation of your vehicle too.

Once you are sure that you have got all the above points covered then go ahead and take the plunge. If you are looking to find a credible DVSA approved garage, then we recommend visiting Elite MOT Autocentre in London. They guarantee excellent service and affordable prices. We guarantee their friendly customer service will make you their repeat customers for life.

MOT - The Real Deal -
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