The Porsche Cayenne in Britain -
Porsche Explores Flagship SUV To Stand Above The Mighty Cayenne
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The Cayenne may be one of the biggest selling Porsche models in the company’s current inventory, but it isn’t big enough for Porsche. Going from sports cars to large heavy SUVs hasn’t hurt the Porsche brand in the slightest. In fact, it has helped secure the company’s long-term future to the extent that they can continue to refine the iconic 911 without having to worry about the bottom line. But they still have to react to customer demands, and people continue to want the Porsche badge albeit stuck onto the bonnet of either a Macan or Cayenne. And people want bigger SUVs, thus Porsche is obliging their customers. According to various industry reports, renderings of the proposed bigger Porsche SUV were shown at a specially convened event for U.S. dealers. The takeaway from that event was positive.

The larger SUV’s exterior styling was described to be part crossover, part sedan, with a rakish profile. Porsche North America declined to comment on future model initiatives but did not deny the existence of a larger flagship SUV that will one day sit above the Cayenne. The concepts have been described as very “un-Porsche like” and “not anything like the Macan and Cayenne” by dealers who were present at the event.

Details surrounding the powertrain have yet to emerge, but it is expected the proposed new, bigger, SUV will be fully electric. The vehicle architecture could reside on VW’s flagship 7-seat electric SUV which is currently known under its codename Landjet. The Landjet has a speculated range of over 400 miles.

By 2023 Porsche will release a battery-powered version of the Macan. By 2030 80-percent of Porsche’s lineup will consist of battery-powered or plug-in-hybrids as the company transitions away from combustion engines.

The Porsche Cayenne in Britain -
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