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A Lamborghini Estate is Perhaps Best Left To The World of CGi
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The computer-generated image or computer-manipulated image that is Photoshop, has given the digital world endless memes and the ability to create yet more endless memes. Digital artists of all skill levels have had a boom time when it comes to letting rip the imagination. A Lamborghini estate sounds good in theory, just as the theory of relativity sounds logical, in theory. But understanding how the theory works in the real world is always difficult.

This digital artist, who goes by the Instagram handle @superrenderscars, may have taken on more than he can chew over the festive period. The digital artist in question has created a Lamborghini estate by butchering a Urus SUV.

Lamborghini Urus Estate - Daily Car Blog

Personally speaking, I would not buy a Lamborghini Urus, and I would not be compelled to buy a Urus estate, no matter how much horsepower it offers. I wouldn’t buy a Urus if I were a bazillionaire.

There are plenty of good normal estates out there at a reasonable price. The latest Audi A6 is my go-to estate at the moment. I don’t want a powerboat estate, I just want more than enough power and normal levels of comfort. That’s all. Rant over.

Now… where are my slippers and pipe… FENTON!

Lamborghini Urus Estate - Daily Car Blog
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