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When The Legendary Range Rover 4-Wheel Drive Fails

It’s that time of the year and unless you live in Acapulco, it’s the time of the year when it starts to snow. To many, such a period here on planet Earth is known as… winter. This is a time when birds do the sensible thing and migrate to warmer climbs. Humans are less lucky unless you happen to live in Acapulco.

Winter is the only time owners of a Range Rover will ever get the chance to actually experience 4-wheel drive in action. As it turns out, although the typical Range Rover owner is smart enough to buy one they do not have the common sense or know how to operate the 4WD system.

Select snow mode, low range, and off you go. Not for this Range Rover-ist, he/her got stuck in his/her attempt to ascend the mighty summit of an inner-city street somewhere in jerk-water Snowville.

Was the Range Rover at fault or the driver? we will never know.

Range Rover Failure - Daily Car Blog
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