Formula One Regs 2022
Formula One Regulations 2022, What You Need To Know
Formula One

Formula One regulations 2022 will usher in multiple changes in order to promote much closer racing. The ‘new-look’ cars have been worked over by a team of F1 engineers and experts working for the FIA. In summary, the changes are focused on aerodynamics, as a result, the cars will look different. The tyre size increases from 13-inches to 18-inches and are slightly wider. The front and rear wings are redesigned to reduce aerodynamic wake, dirty air.

Tyre covers return and the front tyres have winglets, to clean up the airflow. The side barge-boards are removed to eliminate disruptive high speed ‘dirty’ air (wake). These changes should lessen somewhat the loss of grip caused by the expulsion of dirty air for cars following from behind.

Perhaps the biggest change is the return of ground effect, an aerodynamic anomaly that literally sucks the car to the surface of the road.

Ground effect aerodynamics increases downforce and improves grip thereby allowing for greater cornering speeds. In simple terms, a Formula One car generates ground effect aero through air channels on the floor of the car.

Air channels accelerate high-speed air causing low pressure which in turn effectively sucks the car to the ground. YouTuber and F1 specialist, Driver61, details the changes introduced for the Formula One regulations 2022.

Formula One Regs 2022
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