Top Three Safety Tips for an Auto Mechanic
Top Three Safety Tips for an Auto Mechanic

If you’re a gearhead, entering the auto industry as a mechanic is a no-brainer. However, just like any other hands-on profession, being a mechanic comes with its risks as well as its benefits.

If you aren’t sure which risks come with being a mechanic, don’t worry. Here are the top three safety tips for an auto mechanic.

Beware of Your Surroundings While You Work

In addition to being one of the top driving tips to stay safe this winter, always being aware of your surroundings is critical while you’re working on a vehicle. You never know when disaster may strike, but by remaining vigilant at all times, you can prevent an accident from happening before it occurs. If you or one of your coworkers smokes, they should never do so near or inside a garage because there are numerous combustible materials in cars.

The last thing you need is an explosion on your hands, but that’s precisely what could happen if someone ashes their cigar or cigarette onto flammable material. Also, keeping your working environment clean and clearing all walkways of clutter will help avoid any collisions.

Wear the Proper Clothing

In this line of work, you’re not going to be wearing a suit and tie every day. To keep yourself safe, never wear loose clothing or anything with rips or tears because these clothes will catch on nearby tools and can catch fire.

Being an automotive mechanic is one job that requires coveralls, so choosing to go with a fire-resistant option might be a wise thing to consider. In addition to your clothes, you must always wear gear that protects you, such as goggles, earphones, and gloves. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and even though these items might not be the most fashionable, they could potentially save you a hospital visit.

Take the Keys Out of the Ignition Before Working on a Car

Finally, if the keys are in the ignition when you receive a car, take them out before you start working because they’re still drawing signals from the car battery. If you leave them in the ignition, they can attract an electric charge and lead to a shock or electrocution.

Furthermore, if you unplug a fuse or wiring harness while the key is in the ignition, it could also lead to consequences. Electric shocks will damage the car, and more importantly, can result in serious injury.

Overall, being a mechanic comes with risks. However, now that you know the top three safety tips for an auto mechanic, you can work much more safely and look forward to a promising career in the automotive industry.

Top Three Safety Tips for an Auto Mechanic
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