Pininfarina Battista Review - Daily car Blog
Pininfarina Battista Review

We here at the Daily Car Blog did not get to review the Pininfarina Battista. But if we did, we would do the review exactly like Top Gear YouTube. Their star, part-time, YouTube presenter is invited to Miami to sample the pure electric Battista Ultracar.

The Pininfarina Battista is built upon the electric powertrain chassis of the Rimac Nevera. Pininfarina added the exterior flair and luxury interior design.

Yet underneath all that visual flair and luxury is a 1,900bhp, 1,696lb ft electric Ultracar capable of reaching a top speed in 217mph.

On it its way to that top speed, the Pininfarina Batista can crush the 0-62mph in just under 2 seconds and reach 0-186mph in 12 seconds.

Top Gear YouTuber, Jack Rix finds out what it is like to drive… so we don’t have to.

Pininfarina Battista Review - Daily car Blog
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