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Pros and Cons of Buying Aftermarket Parts for Your Car

Whether you are a new and inexperienced car owner or a seasoned driver, it will help you a lot to understand aftermarket car parts. There are a few benefits to installing aftermarket parts in your vehicle; however, they come with some risks, which we will cover shortly.

If you choose to install aftermarket parts in your vehicle, make sure to compare car insurance options and find an insurer willing to cover a car with aftermarket parts. Otherwise, you may not have coverage when you need it most should anything happen.

What Are Aftermarket Car Parts?

As opposed to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, aftermarket car parts are automotive parts made by someone other than the original manufacturer. They are also referred to as non-OEM or generic parts and are made brand new. Depending on the specific part, make, and model, they can be made as exact replicas of the OEM parts or customized for better performance.

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The quality of the build and its design determine whether or not a specific aftermarket part will perform better or worse than the corresponding OEM part. Selecting any aftermarket part off the shelf isn’t a good idea, as you might not know what you will get.

It is essential to research the aftermarket manufacturer, so ask around about which parts are the most reliable and try to see patterns regarding which manufacturers you can trust and which ones you should never use.

The Pros of Buying Aftermarket Parts


The first reason why anybody might prefer to buy aftermarket car parts is that a lot of the time, these parts are more affordable than the original OEM parts. The price difference will vary by brand, but there are instances where the OEM part is 60% more expensive than the same aftermarket part.

Remember that if the price for a part seems too good to be true, you should ask questions about its quality. When you compare car insurance providers, you might find some prefer using aftermarket parts when making repairs.


Many manufacturers make aftermarket parts for many different makes and models of cars. Because there is so much selection to choose from, you will find it a lot easier to locate the right aftermarket part for your vehicle compared with locating the corresponding OEM part.

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A greater range of selection also means more variation in price and quality, so it is easier to find one that matches your budget and intended uses.


It is not uncommon for you to find aftermarket parts of equal or even better quality than the original OEM parts. Many aftermarket part manufacturers reverse-engineer the original OEM parts and improve on any structural or design flaws. Part quality will depend on the manufacturer, so don’t assume that every part you find will perform better than the OEM part.

The Cons of Buying Aftermarket Parts


Quality can be a double-edged sword. While aftermarket parts can sometimes be superior to OEM parts, there are many lower quality parts too. Lower quality may be caused by poor design or by the use of low-quality materials that will wear down or break quickly. The saying “you get what you pay for” is especially true in this situation, so only purchase parts that you trust or that are recommended by trusted automotive professionals.


Some parts may not fit your particular vehicle after you have purchased them, so it is a good idea to check that your car insurance can replace the part at no extra cost to you when you compare car insurance policies.


While virtually all OEM parts come with a warranty, you should expect most aftermarket parts do not have any warranty. Even without a warranted part, it is illegal for any company to void the warranty on your entire car when you use aftermarket parts that are not warranted.

Too Much Selection

While variety is excellent for providing different price ranges and levels of quality, it can also be overwhelming. This is especially true if you are a novice or amateur shopping for car parts.

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Dozens of manufacturers could make one single part, each with a small variation. If you are unsure and feel overwhelmed, always seek the help of an experienced professional who you can trust to lead the way and provide reliable advice.


Aftermarket car parts are attractive options for repairing or upgrading your vehicle. From lower prices to greater selection and superior quality, if you can find the right aftermarket parts, you may be better off than purchasing OEM parts. Unfortunately, you may unknowingly purchase low-quality parts instead that have no warranty and break or wear down quickly. If you are inexperienced, then the variety may make it difficult to get the right part for your vehicle.

If you are looking for aftermarket parts to add a certain style your car be that wheels, bodykits or wings, it can save you time and money by building your dream mods on car games first.

If you feel unsure and don’t have any guidance from a trusted professional, it is safer to purchase the original OEM parts when possible as they have a warranty and greater quality assurance. If you feel like you have the knowledge or someone knowledgeable to help, you may be successful in purchasing aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket car parts - Daily Car Blog
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