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Germany Backs European Union Plan To Phaseout The Combustion Engine by 2035
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Germany is the European Union and the EU orbits around Germany. It is a simple equation backed by quantifiable data. Simply put Germany is the richest country in the EU and the EU’s central banking system is effectively controlled by Germany with cooperation by all member states. And it is Germany that has fianlly given the green light to support a European Union draft law on banning the sale of all combustion engine cars by 2035. From 2035 onwards all new cars built and sold in the EU will be electric only.

However other EU countries are proposing a more ambitious target by moving the draft law proposal date forward to 2030. Confusion surrounds the EU’s goal of selling “carbon neutral” which supports cars that run on e-fuels. Inother words hydrogen.

Ironically hydrogen production is reliant on greenhouse gases. Nevertheless, this leaves the door open for the continuation of the internal combustion engine. Albeit as an electrified Frankenstein hybrid.

The powerful German car industry has dragged its feet on bringing forward the move to a fully electric car sales strategy. Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands want to implement a separate and complicated emissions trading system.

The EU emissions target is being marketed as Fit For 55 which aims to cut greenhouse gases by 55 percent by 2030.

European Union Brandenburg Gate - Germany - Dailycarblog
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