BIAC BJ60 SUV Concept - LED Headlights
The BAIC BJ60 is China’s Answer To The New World Order
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We’re at the beginning of the Chinese century, whether you realize it or not. America, with its oversized military war machine, is an Empire in decline. You may not notice it right now because American values are seeded in democracy. Just ask the people of Bolivia, Venezuela, Peru, and Chile about how America spreads the bible of democracy. The American dream encourages people to believe that anyone can succeed and make it to the top if they work hard enough. But all of it, it is just a dream. As with all Empires, there is a period of growth and stability followed by a gradual decline.

Empires eat themselves from the inside out. As one Empire declines another one rises to eventually replace the new world order with a renewed world order. Whether you realize it or not, the BIAC BJ60 Concept SUV represents a changing of the guard.

BIAC BJ60 SUV Concept - Rear

The BIAC Group makes bread and butter cars for its domestic Chinese audience. However, one day we in the West will not hesitate to buy a Chinese-built car and brand.

BIAC BJ60 SUV Concept - Rear

One such car could be the BAIC BJ60 and SUV. It’s revealed as a concept for now and is about the size of a Toyota Land Cruiser. According to reports, the BJ60 will be powered by 2.0-litre mild hybrid, turbocharged petrol engine.

That’s all we can say for now because it is a slow news day and we need to word fill with adversarial content.

BIAC BJ60 SUV Concept - LED Headlights
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