James Bond No Time To Die Common Car Issues
Common Car Issues And How To Repair Them

We all know how important it is to take care of our vehicles, however, there are times when they need to be repaired. Getting your car repaired can be quite expensive. However, you may be able to repair your car yourself. Some of the most common car issues are relatively easy to deal with if you know-how.

Let’s take a look at how you too can fix those common car issues:

Broken Exhaust Pipes

Exhaust pipes can break from time to time and for a variety of reasons. If your exhaust has a leak, you may need to repair it. This task can take time, if you don’t have the time, you can always purchase a dodge challenger exhaust and replace it yourself. If do have the time, to repair your exhaust pipe, here’s how to do it:

– Lift your car up

Park your car on a level surface and use a jack to safely lift your car up. Allow at least a few hours for the exhaust to cool before inspecting it. Look for any signs of damage to the pipe such as holes, cracks, rusting, and scrapes.


Switch your engine on if you’re unable to find the leak. Ensure your car is in park before you get back under it. This is to ensure that it does not move.

– Undertaking repairs

If your exhaust is badly rusted you may need to replace it. If the leak is small, you should be able to replace it by using some repair epoxy or some exhaust tape. Just make sure you scrub the area to get rid of any excess debris. Apply the repair epoxy or exhaust tape as per the instructions on the packaging.

A Dead Battery

Dead batteries are fairly common and they may not always need replacing. Jump starting your car could be the best way to deal with your dead battery. Here’s how:

– Use jump cables

Get some jump cables that can be placed on your battery and another car battery. Just make sure that both batteries have the same polarity and voltage. Switch both car engines off and make sure the cars are close together but don’t let them touch. As soon as the jump cables are in the correct positions you can jump start your car.

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Start the car that has the good battery let the engine run for at least 5 minutes. This should be enough time for you to start the car that has the weak battery. Just make sure that you disconnect the jump cables before you do.

– Try again

If the weak battery does not start, switch that car’s engine off and the good car on. Let the engine run for another 5 minutes. This should be sufficient to get the car running. If your car does not start this time, you may need to replace your battery.

Your Car Won’t Start

From time to time, cars refuse to start. It’s not always clear why cars don’t start. However, there are some things that you can do.

– Move the shift to neutral

If there’s no click the key is turned, move the shift to neutral, and start the engine. If the engine still doesn’t start move the shift to park and try it once more. Sometimes this procedure works as it helps the electrical contact to be re-established.

– Hit the battery

If the car clicks when you start the engine but it doesn’t start, your battery could be dirty or weak. Cycle the key by turning it to the start position ten times. Wait five minutes and attempt to start your engine. If this does not work, you could try to hit the battery with your shoe. Use the bottom of your shoe as it’s likely to be made of rubber and you’re unlikely to get a shock from it.

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Hit each of the battery terminals with the shoe’s heel so that the terminal rotates a little. Now try to start your engine. If this does not work, you may need to take your car in for repairs.

You may find that you’re able to repair most issues that you have with your car. While it may seem a little anxiety-provoking, carrying out repairs can save you money. If at any time you are unsure as to whether your car needs repairs, ask for help. A friend or family member may be able to help you. Alternatively, you could book your car in for repairs.

James Bond No Time To Die Common Car Issues
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