Ferrari SF90 Shmee150 edition
Shmee150, An Absurd Ferrari SF90 Stradale, The Autobahn And 200mph

Shmee150 has purchased a brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale, which he collected directly from Maranello, Ferrari’s HQ. The SF90 is a 1,000 bhp hypercar powered by a V8 hybrid god. The SF90 SStradale isn’t cheap, it retails for £455,000. Nevertheless, Shmee150 immediately made his way from Maranello for the Nurburgring.

In 2 weeks of ownership, Shmee150 has accumulated 2,000 miles and his epic European grand tour isn’t over. The YouTuber is heading over to Denmark to visit Zenvo. Yes, this is what he does for a living… driving supercars.

Ferrari SF90 Shmee150 edition
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