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4 Major Benefits of Switching to an EV

More and more people nowadays are asking themselves whether making the move over to an electric car is the best choice for them, and the answer, for most of them, is yes. Electric vehicles are our most probably future and for (many) good reasons.

If you’ve been playing around with the idea of investing in an EV, here are the four major benefits of these types of cars to help make your decision a little easier.

Running Costs

First of all, the factor that many people choose to focus on is cost. At this stage, fully electric vehicles are a notch more expensive than your standard ICE car, which is naturally off-putting to your average consumer.

Switching to an EV - Rivian

However, it’s important to consider and compare the long-term costs of each type of car. While an EV might be more expensive upfront, your fuel expenses will diminish so significantly that it almost immediately becomes worth the cost. If you opt for solar energy in your home, you will be paying absolutely nothing in terms of fuel.

The maintenance costs of an EV are also much lower than a car with a standard engine because there’s less to maintain and less that can go wrong. Even if you invest in a home charger, EV charger maintenance is a minimal cost to worry about, making these cars your most financially friendly option.

Environmental Benefits

Standard internal combustion engine vehicles on the road today are the cause of much environmental damage and have been for many years. This is why the environmental benefits of electric vehicles are another major reason people are switching over as quickly as they are.

Switching to an EV - iJustine Rivian

While, naturally, all types of cars are inefficient and unsustainable to produce, the running of an EV produces absolutely zero emissions and has no negative impact on the planet. Again, if you have solar panels, you don’t even need to consider the impact of energy production on the environment.

As another great bonus, EVs are basically silent, which means less noise pollution and a hopefully more quiet and peaceful future.

Amazing Performance

There’s some debate on this, but many claim that electric cars are simply more fun to drive. The acceleration is quick and they offer great performance, producing peak torque from a standstill and without really having to build up to it.

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These cars are safer, have better handling and all of the fun comes guilt-free, unlike an entire tub of chocolate ice cream at 11 PM.


Despite some challenges that still need to be overcome, electric cars could be the future of transport, and the entire world is moving quickly in that direction.

Buying an electric car now will have you set for the future and ahead of the game. You can rest assured that you won’t fall behind when it starts becoming harder and harder to find parts for ICE cars and that you’re well-versed in the skills and knowledge of how to tackle challenges like range anxiety and how many years your battery will last.

Switching to an EV - iJustine
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