Tremec TR6060 Transmission
Tremec TR6060 Transmission Technical Specs, Common Problems, & Upgrades

The Tremec TR6060 transmission is the standard transmission in many Dodge and General Motors-manufactured vehicles, including the Chevy Corvette, Dodge Challenger, and more. You will even find this transmission in some Ford vehicles like the Mustang or Shelby. Many car owners enjoy their Tremec TR6060 transmissions because of their high performance and extreme power, as well as dependability. This six-speed manual transmission has an abundance of torque that allows race cars to go fast and shift seamlessly. Here is an overview of the Tremec TR6060 Transmission, including its specs, common problems that you might experience, and more

Tremec TR6060 transmission specs

Type of transmission: Six-speed manual dual overdrive transmission with rear-wheel drive

Maximum total vehicle weight: 5,291 lb (2,400 kg) 

Case material: Die-cast aluminum alloy

Center distance: 85 mm

Total length: 813 mm

Housing for clutch: Integrated

Type of synchronizer: Double/ triple cone; constructed of hybrid and sintered bronze grinding material

Type of lubricant: Dexron III ATF

Approximate lubricant volume: 3.45 l (7.29 pt)

Weight of transmission: 146.2 lb (66.3 kg) 

Power take-off: No

Common problems with the Tremec TR6060 Transmission

As with any car part or transmission, the Tremec TR6060 has its fair share of problems. One problem that this transmission frequently experiences is grinding while in 1st and 2nd gears, which often ends in total failure of the 2nd gear. Another common problem with the Tremec TR6060 is with the clutch, as the clutch has the tendency to fail prematurely due to extreme wear as a result of the excessive speeds that vehicles containing this particular transmission go. Premature failure of the bearings is yet another problem that the TR6060 frequently experiences. Again, this is due to the hardcore handling of vehicles that have this transmission.

Some useful Tremec TR6060 transmission upgrades

If you’re considering making upgrades to the Tremec TR6060 Transmission, then you can not only avoid some of the common problems with this transmission, but you can really beef it up so that the gears shift like butter. When driving one of the fast cars that this transmission comes in, it’s important to have a reliable transmission that won’t miss gears and drive in a rough manner. Here are some recommended upgrades to make if you really want to make your car a beast:

Synchronizer ringssynchronizer rings work in sync with the gears and help to create friction, which promotes torque. The teeth on synchronizer rings can undergo a great deal of wear and tear in this particular transmission due to hardcore driving, and when the teeth are worn, the gears are unable to function optimally and may even fail altogether. By upgrading your synchronizer rings, you will replace your OE rings with heavy-duty parts that are able to withstand hardcore handling, enabling your synchronizer rings to last much longer.

Bearings – bearings are necessary to reduce the friction in the moving parts of your transmission. By upgrading to hydraulic bearings, you will enjoy overall improvements in clutch functionality, reduced pedal effort, and more. All these improvements will increase the overall longevity of your transmission. 

Seals – seals can fail quickly on a high-performance transmission like the Tremec TR6060, and if things go south with your seals, then you will notice leaking transmission fluid, difficulty shifting, and many other problems. By upgrading to super heavy-duty seals, you can extend the life of your entire transmission.

The Tremec TR6060 is a high-performance transmission that is popular in many sports cars that some drivers even use for racing. However, because these transmissions are often pushed to the limit, certain OE parts have the tendency to fail sooner than expected. Luckily, owners that have Tremec TR6060 transmissions in their vehicles can make some easy upgrades that will enhance the performance and increase the longevity of essential parts. This will enable them to enjoy their vehicles for much longer, without worrying about making frequent repairs or even having to replace the entire transmission due to premature failure.

Tremec TR6060 Transmission
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