Ford F150 price hike - American Russian Proxy war
Ford Raises The Price of The F150 Lightning Due To America’s Proxy War With Russia
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America’s proxy war with Russia, which is being fought at the expense of the Ukrainian people, is biting hard on commodity prices across the world. By saber-rattling Russia into a conflict it didn’t want, America has effectively placed sanctions on itself and the entire world. The sanction-riddled Russian economy is booming. Countries allied to America’s military-industrial complex and ill-fated endless war in Ukraine are experiencing inflation. From crude oil supplies to transportation costs, prices are rising.

Of course, profiteering from a disaster capitalism master plan is an opportunity not to be missed. In the end, consumers will pick up the bill. Ford is allowing consumers to pick up these inflationary pressures by raising the price of the F-150 electric pickup truck. And if you placed a reservation 1 year ago, then Ford is going to screw your loyalty as well.

The F-150 Lighting’s sub-$40k price tag was key to luring consumers to Ford’s pure electric truck brand. Nevertheless, prices for the entry-level Pro trim are set to rise by 17 percent to $48K, in addition to a shipping fee of $1,795. Prices are rising across the range, the XLT trim will increase from $6,500 to $61,269.

The XLT High trim will rise by $6,000 to $70,269, XLT High extended range will rise $8,500 to $82,769 and the flagship Platinum trim increases by $6,000, to $98,669. The price increases do not affect those who are awaiting delivery. Reservation holders are being screwed over and instructed to place a new order online.

As a bit of distraction from what is a negative news story for Ford, the company revealed the F-150’s standard range battery pack would get a 10-mile boost in range via an over-the-air software update.

Ford F150 price hike - American Russian Proxy war
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