Mercedes AMG G63 tested to destruction
How Tough is A Mercedes AMG G63? WhistlinDiesel Finds Out

Ruthless country hick YouTuber WhistlinDiesel bought and customized a Mercedes G Wagon G63. Cost? over $300,000. Power after upgrades? 1,000bhp. After testing a 1990s Toyota Hilux to near destruction and discovering it was unbreakable, WhistlinDiesel decided to durability test his brand new $300k G63. And he doesn’t mess around, he unloads the G63 from the delivery truck by reversing with no ramps in place. In doing so he bent the driveshaft.

Next up is a trip to a nearby sand dune where WhistlinDiesel utilizes the G63’s full 1,000bhp to lunatic levels. It isn’t surprising that the G Wagon picks up more damage. Damage? what damage? is the WhistlinDiesel philosophy.

The biggest surprise in this video is that WhistlinDiesel YouTube man has upgraded his camera equipment from handheld to pro.

Nothing surprises us anymore.Mercedes AMG G63 tested to destruction
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