Is The 850bhp Stellantis Citroen DS E Tense Concept Pure Hashtag BS?
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Yes, absolutely the Stellantis Citroen DS E Tense Concept is Hashtag-BS. But don’t tell Citroen or the sterile umbrella organization that is Stellantis because they are still waiting for the pandemic to end. The idiots. So what is the Stellantis Citroen DS E Tense performance concept? It’s an 850bhp luxury EV sports coupe pipe dream inspired by reality. The reality is the solid foundation built up from Citroen’s (Stellantis) experience from its participation in the Formula E championship.

The Citroen-Stellantis CEO, Beatrice Foucher has intimated the concept could make it into production. However, due to the Formula E-derived technology, and the luxury positioning, the Stellantis E Tense concept would be built in limited numbers. As a result, it would be very expensive if it were ever to be sold.

However, Foucher’s statements are all just Hashtag-BS, the Stellantis DS  E Tense concept will never make it into production. It is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Most car concepts serve as a preview for a new design language somewhere down the product yellow brick roadmap or over the Hashtag-BS rainbow.

Foucher even admitted that the sporty nature of E Tense concept is not where the brand is positioned. She then immdeaitly contradicted herself by holding a carrot in front of her head by leaving the door open for a possible production variant. More Hashtag-BS from Stellantis.

Anyway, the Hashtag-BS Stellantis DS E Tense EV concept by Citroen is a nice-looking thing, most concepts are. But the real reason this particular concept was revealed was to act as deflection. Three Stellantis employees in the USA have been indicted for conspiracy to defraud the U.S. and violate the country’s Clean Air Act.

Stellantis has been fined $300M USD over making false representations about diesel emissions. One employee involved in the scam and coverup was sentenced to 3 years. And that is why the E Tense concept is Hashtag-BS.
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