Rodin FZERO Hypercar - Hero Image
The Rodin FZERO is No Work of Art, But Could Become A Masterpiece
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New Zealand performance car manufacturer Rodin Cars have announced that their new track hypercar, The Rodin FZERO, is officially entering production, three years after it was first revealed. The track-limited weapon is the second model launched since the manufacturer’s inception.

The FZERO is capable of speeds exceeding 360 kph (223mph).

Rodin Hyper Track Car - Rear

The FZERO is built exclusively for the track and for those looking for the fastest experience available, without the limitations of road or racing regulations.

Rodin Hyper Track Car - Dark Knight Edition

Power is rated at 1,176 horsepower from an all-new 4.0-litre V10 twin-turbo hybrid motor, built and designed from the ground up to Rodin Cars specifications.

Rodin Hyper Track Car - V10 Engine

With a weight of just 698kg wet, the car is expected to have a power-to-weight ratio of 1.662 (PS/kg).

Rodin Hyper Track Car - Top View

The Rodin FZERO will cost £1.8M per unit, it is an exclusive ownership opportunity for automotive collectors and enthusiasts. Only 27 units are planned for sale with the first coming off the assembly line in the summer of next year.

Rodin FZERO Hypercar - Hero Image
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