student cars and debt
Should a College Student Have a Car?

One of the most relevant questions most students ask is whether they need a car while studying in college. First, of course, it depends on the location of your campus. And most importantly, if you intend to live an active student life by getting involved in every college activity and event, then it’s time to think about your transportation. Look at the following points about having an automobile to help you make the right choice and travel efficiently to important meetings and class sessions.

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And still, we have a pressing question of whether it’s worth having a car when you study at college. So here are some pros and cons of using a vehicle as a student to make you decide for yourself whether you need this type of transport or it would be more convenient to rely on school buses and the schedules they suggest for your travels.

Advantages of Having a Car in College

Do you wonder what benefits the car can bring you if you decide to acquire it while going to college or university? Here are some pros you can get from using your vehicle, even if you spent the first year in college without a car.

Not having to wake up early

Do you have problems waking up early and getting ready for the classes? So most learners stay up late working on their assignments and preparing for upcoming tests that they later forget that the following day can be highly excruciating for them to bear. Thus, having a car can save you time for your lies in or morning preparations for a busy day.

college student sleep studying

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Not having to rely on other people

Sometimes it can cause a lot of inconvenience to your mates to give you a lift. Even if it’s your best friend who is always ready to help, you can feel awkward bothering them whenever you need to go somewhere. Thus, obtaining your car can be beneficial for providing you with freedom and independence to travel wherever your heart desires.

Becoming an Uber or a lift-driver

One significant advantage your car can offer is the opportunity to make extra money on a part-time job such as Uber. If you don’t want to depend on others, you can recommend yourself as someone who can give a lift for some money, which your pals can chip in for a collective drive.

Disadvantages of Using a Car While in College

There is always the flip side of the coin, which you must be aware of when considering such issues as getting a car during your schooling. Let’s look at some downsides, which may let you stop for a second and make you think twice before buying a vehicle.

The cost of a car

Not every student can afford a car, especially if the expenses of schooling take a heavy toll on your budget. As you know, a wide variety of used vehicles are sold for peanuts. But you have to remember that the cheapest the car is, the more problems you might face with it in the future in terms of maintenance and repair.

College guy can't afford to run car

Thus, acquiring a new vehicle may be a better option in this case. And again, the question is whether it’s worth spending so much on a car when you are in the middle of a significant academic venture that also needs financial investment.

Having to pay for a parking pass

You may be familiar with the parking rules when you have to pay for the time you leave your car on the spot. However, such reasonable regulations can cause inconvenience to those young people who have little budget and don’t always have enough money for parking lots. Thus, paying for a parking pass may prevent you from deciding on getting your car.

Car maintenance

Everybody encounters such issues as tire problems, oil changes, lights, and inspections when maintaining a car. Suppose you are ready to consider the total cost of having a car with all its expenses for unpredictable situations. In that case, you can go for it and make one of the most valuable purchases in your life, as it can benefit you in many ways, including saving time on the road to school.

However, make sure you can handle the financial aspect before you get to the point of obtaining such a valuable item as an automobile.

student cars and debt
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