Stefano Domenicali denies women the right to compete in F1
Stefano Domenicali Uses Patheticism To Deny A Pathway For Women in F1
Formula One

Define patheticism: Patheticism is a portmanteau of the words pathetic and Stefano Domenicali. Domenicali is the current CEO of Formula 1 and, in previous times, he was the team principal of Scuderia Ferrari between 2008-2014. So Domenicali is an F1 man through and through. He has the experience and he has the integrity, he is the right man for the job. Or so one thought. Domenicali is not too dissimilar to filling out a job application form, you know the part where you answer the gender-specific questions. It’s all part of the drive for more equality says the form in small print.

It isn’t, it’s all nonsense, most recruiters and employers are not interested in equality. The equality form filling part is merely an employer going through the legal motions. The job, whatever it is, has probably been given to a useless crony. Similarly, Domenicali was speaking nonsense when addressing the issue about the lack of women competing in Formula 1.

And he really did put his foot into it. He must have slid backward and hit his head as he tumbled to the ground. Because what he said seems to have either gone unnoticed or not given much pushback by the media. In his own words, Domenicali is denying a pathway for women to enter F1.

In the build-up to the erstwhile Belgian Grand Prix Domenicali expressed his views about the subject of women in F1

“Realistically speaking, I don’t see a girl in Formula One in the next five years unless something like a sort of meteorite comes into the earth. That is very unlikely”.

Are you kidding me? Domenicali? Girl?

You have the W Series, you have two times W Series champion Jamie Chadwick who also doubles as a test driver for Williams F1. Chadwick is an immensely experienced driver. If this is about a lack of racing experience then why, Domenicali, are you making this about gender?

Jamie Chadwick - W Series Champion

But wait, Domenicali says now is not the right time for women to enter F1. The sport needs to improve at the grassroots level to allow female to enter at a younger age, to be given more time to develop in order to be given the same chances as male racers. Now is not the right time.

Patronizing. Pathetic.

Now is the right time you idiots.

The W Series should be a stepping stone for women to enter F1, but it has ended up becoming a stonewall denying women not empowering them into F1. Is that a fair analysis? Fuck yeah, if not now, then when? The likes of Chadwick have proved themselves and they must at least be given a fair chance.

If not then the W Series is nothing more than a billboard for the male-dominated world of motor racing board rooms to pretend they are taking the representation of women in motorsports seriously. As for Stefano Domenicali, with his current mindset, he belongs in the 19th century where his pathetic ideas also belong.

Stefano Domenicali denies women the right to compete in F1
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