Road Rage - Autogefuhl loses it during NIO ET7 review
Exposed: Autogefuhl’s Extreme Road Rage Moment During NIO Test Drive

Autogefuhl is one of the mildest mannered car reviewers on the interweb. The 189cm tall German delivers his reviews in a suave and sophisticated manner that would make a Buddhist and a Monk turn green with envy. However, beneath the effervescent and smoothly cultivated image lies a surge of fury waiting to explode like a deep-sea hydrothermal vent. And during his recent review of the NIO ET7, a premium Chinese electric car brand, Autogefuhl’s road rage was hilariously revealed.

The cause? NOMI. NOMI is NIO’s in-vehicle artificial intelligence, think Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. It’s more playful and presented in digital form as a physical interface with a digital face. NOMI activated every time Autogefuhl used the AutoPilot by exclaiming “Pilot is on!”. This simple notification sent Autogefuhl into full-on road rage. It is unintentionally hilarious to watch.

Anyway, the NIO ET7 impressed and Autogefuhl compared the overall quality to a BMW or Mercedes. Additionally, the NIO ET7 is technically ahead of any BMW or Mercedes electric car in terms of range and efficiency. And it’s cheaper by at least 15,000-20,000 euros. So why are the German car manufacturers behind the electric car curveball? A lack of foresight and vision is the main answer.

Road Rage - Autogefuhl loses it during NIO ET7 review
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