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Jeremiah Clarkson: I Will Not Mourn The End of The Ford Fiesta… It Was Truly Dreadful

You know what dear readers? It’s taken Ford a long, long, long, long time to make a decent car in a similar manner it has taken me to write a decent article. The best vehicle Ford has ever made is… the F-150 Lighting, yes that all-electric pick-up truck. The F-150 marks a demographic departure for Ford, they are no longer targeting gun-toting rednecks. Clearly, the F-150 Lightning is aimed at coffee-drinking, tofu-eating, and gym-extremist tech nerds. Frankly, I am astonished Ford has the creativity to even have the imagination to make the F-150 Lightning. Ford is a “hell” today “yah” tomorrow company. Ford screws around with car buyers in the same manner it screws its factory employees. The Ford profit sheet is minimum wage, maximum profits, and government subsidies paid for by the workers on less than minimum wage.

And what do they do with these ill-gotten gains? reinvest in making better cars? No of course not, making better cars is not financially prudent to the shareholders. And that’s how we the consumer end up with the crap-fest that was the Ford Fiesta. The Ford Fiesta’s miserable existence began in 1973 and it will finally end in 2023, goodbye, good riddance, it was a bloody awful car.

The Fiesta didn’t give people the freedom to move, it gave them years of misery, humiliation and the realization that Ford always baits and switches with marketing campaigns but under-delivers with the actual goods. The media has long propped up this Ford-made fantasy. Many do so to become client journalists drooling for the prestige of gaining access presumably wearing beer goggles to report on mediocre cars festooned with issues and being generally crap.

This corporate capture of the media, the monopolization of opinion and thought gave rise to Fiesta Fascism. Yes, the Ford Fiesta is the manifestation of Fascism on 4-wheels powered by crap. And for that very reason, I will be glad to see the end of this deceitful car that goose-stepped the bewildered masses into believing crap really is worth celebrating.

Jeremy Clarkson and Jeremy Clarkson - Daily Car Blog
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