Harry's Garage visits the new Lotus Emira production facility
Harry’s Garage Visits The New Lotus Emira Production Factory

Harry’s Garage YouTube man is a seasoned pro-motoring journalist. He left the rag trade behind to set up a farm and in between continued to do motoring journalism and YouTubing. He is the original Jeremy Clarkson without the Jeremy Clarkson-isms. Thus, he is very well known and respected, unlike the Daily Car Blog which is kind of known in the UK but not respected. Exactly how we like it.

Anyway, a few years ago we managed to bag a day out at Lotus HQ before the company was acquired by Geely Motors. We even had a quick tour of the factory, it was a small scale if a little disheveled operation at the time. On arrival at reception, we noticed a moldy jug of orange juice waiting for visiting hacks to play a game of drinking roulette. We decided against it.

That was then this is now. The new factory has transformed Lotus into a kind of bomber command central, for it is now a serious production setup utilizing the latest modern tools and facilities. It is unrecognizable from what it was when we visited a few years ago.

Harry’s Garage YouTuber, elder statesman, GOAT farmer placed an order for the new Emira and managed to spot his car during the build process. And honestly, the only way we’ll get another invite to Lotus HQ is if we place an online order for a new Emira and collect it directly from the factory.

Ain’t never gonna happen bro. We don’t have the money just yet. Back then we took the view that we’ll get one chance, two if we’re lucky, and no more. But they do email us… from time to time…

Harry's Garage visits the new Lotus Emira production facility
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