Aehra SUV EV revealed on this day in 2022
Aehra, A Start-up EV Company, Reveals Ultra-Premium SUV
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The electric car era has just begun. Many EV startups will rise and many will fall, each with the desire to offer something unique and each identifying that elusive gap in the market no one knew existed or was only recently discovered through in-depth market analysis. Aehra is one such new start-up, like the big bang theory it has exploded into existence from seemingly nothing. Aehra’s founder is probably more interesting than the brand right now because what the company is offering is a vision, an EV dream accompanied by ethereal marketing.

So what is Aehra? it is an electric SUV, the brainchild of its founder Hazim Nada, born in the US of A, and currently residing in Italy. Nada holds an M.S. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Cambridge. But attaining an M.S. from a prestigious University wasn’t enough. On top of his love for skydiving, Nada attained a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Imperial College London, UK.

Aehra SUV, side profile - an EV from Italy

He went on to work in the banking sector, eventually going on to set up a multi-billion dollar commodities trading company. Aehra launched in June 2022, the Aehra SUV has global ambitions of becoming an ultra-premium electric automotive brand. It’s powered by a state-of-the-art EV drivetrain says Aehra.

Aehra revealed nothing more than a press release and absolutely nothing about this so-called state-of-the-art drivetrain. After all the CEO has the brainpower to stop earth’s gravitational spin, surely he can reveal a few technical snippets? What we witnessed was the birth of a new star, but there is a lot of remnant dust cloud blocking the lens and all we can see right now is a SUVrender/CGI and press release.

Aehra SUV, an EV startup from Italy

Even the blessed press release said very little about this state-of-the art drivetrain. Nevertheless, the Aehra SUV was presented to the global media in Milan, the city where AEHRA is headquartered. There the firm revealed its 794bhp SUV would incorporate a 120Kwh battery yielding an estimated range of 497 miles. The company plans to begin production in 2025 with an aim to sell 25,000 units at €180,000 each.

Yet a dumb person like me who was raised on a diet of hard knocks and missed opportunities is asking how did Aehra develop a state-of-the-art drivetrain in 4-months? For example, Tesla has taken 15 years and billions of investment capital to be where they are now.

What the Aehra SUV is… is the B of the bang, only time will tell if the Aehra universe expands beyond a billionaire’s vision and show car.

Aehra SUV EV revealed on this day in 2022
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