Matteo Binotto leaves Ferrari
They Got Him, Ferrari Team Principal Resigns
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Matteo Binotto, the mastermind team principal behind Scuderia Ferrari’s short-lived 2022 revival, has resigned from his position. Ferrari started their campaign strongly, the F1-75 proved to be a real threat to the RB18 in the first 5 races of the season. After three races and with a 49-point lead over rivals Red Bull, Ferrari looked set to run away with the championship. Eventually Red Bull turned the tables and thereafter dominated the championship. Ferrari should have won more races, however, a number of strategy calls, pit errors and DNFs over the course of the season cost them vital wins.

As the season progressed Ferrari fell backward in the development race, the Scuderia earned four race wins, three for Leclerc, and one for Carlos Sainz. By comparison, Max Verstappen wrapped up the championship early with a treasure trove haul of 15 victories. The Italian media, passionate Ferrari devotees, aimed their ire at Binotto. As Ferrari’s championship hopes slipped, the intense media scrutiny only served to magnify Binotto’s demise.

Binotto is the quiet man of Ferrari team principles, an engineer who climbed up the ranks due to his leadership style and dedication to Ferrari. Being the Scuderia Ferrari team principal is akin to holding the classic poisoned chalice. The spotlight is on you in moments of victory and shines more intensely in moments of failure. Binotto didn’t fail, like all team principles before him and soon to follow, his time at Ferrari simply came to a conclusion. Was it a success? That is where the debate starts.

Speaking to the media of his decision to resign Binotto said:

“With the regret that this entails, I have decided to conclude my collaboration with Ferrari,” he said.

“I am leaving a company that I love, which I have been part of for 28 years, with the serenity that comes from the conviction that I have made every effort to achieve the objectives set.”

“I leave a united and growing team. A strong team, ready, I’m sure, to achieve the highest goals, to which I wish all the best for the future. I think it is right to take this step at this time as hard as this decision has been for me.”

“I would like to thank all the people at the Gestione Sportiva who have shared this journey with me, made up of difficulties but also of great satisfaction.”

Binotto will relinquish his team principle duties on December 31, 2022, a new team principal will be in place by the new year. Ross Brawn is cited as a possible replacement.

Matteo Binotto leaves Ferrari
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