Thierry Bollore - Mr Le Foot in mouth
Thierry Bollore Quits Jaguar Land Rover
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Who is Thierry Bollore? He was the CEO of Jaguar Land Rover, before that he was a high-flying automotive executive who started his career with Michelin. He climbed the corporate ladder and made his way up through the senior executive ranks at automotive parts company Faurecia and then Renault. Towards the end of his time at Renault, he was made acting CEO in 2019 after supreme leader and then CEO, now fugitive on the run, Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Japan over corporate fraud charges.

Bollore was dismissed less than a year into his Renault tenure after he was accused of misappropriating over $40 million euros into a vanity design and transformation program involving Boston Consulting Group. Bollore’s management style towards colleagues has been described as brutal. During his stint as Reanult CEO, he became hostile toward key industrial partner Nissan.

Remarkably, Jaguar Land Rover appointed Bollore to become the CEO in 2020. Almost immediately he put his foot firmly into his mouth by describing Jaguar as a “damaged brand”. That statement did more damage to Jaguar Land Rover than Daily Car Blog could ever manage, and we’ve been trying for years.

Bollore introduced a “re-imagine” plan, a golden ticket strategy to lift JLR kicking and screaming into the new electric car era. Bollore quit his CEO role today citing personal reasons which means he probably upset a lot of people including Tata, the Indian owners of JLR.

Thierry Bollore - Mr Le Foot in mouth
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