Mark Antar F1 Concept Car - front - 2022
F1 Concept Car Reveals Skinny Rear Wing
Formula One

Retired F1 driver Sebastian Vettel, now free from the diplomacy of being an F1 driver, recently criticized the new 2022 spec car and the regulations that went into creating it. The racing isn’t any closer said Vettel. So that got us thinking, was the 2022 season better than any other season before it? There wasn’t much going on up front, Max Verstappen waltzed away with the driver’s championship.

Ferrari did provide a genuine threat to Red Bull early on but faded away and Mercedes was stuck in no-mans land for maybe four out of twenty-three races. And that got us thinking, how can we improve the racing, make it closer?

Mark Antar F1 Concept Car - side view - 2022

We didn’t have to wait too long as Mark Antar, a multi-skilled livery designer within the motorsports industry, revealed an evolutionary F1 concept car design.

Mark Antar F1 Concept Car - Rear - 2022

The main takeaway from Antar’s concept is the rear wing, it is structurally simple, and thus will cause less aerodynamic wake, i.e. high-speed turbulence.

Mark Antar F1 Concept Car - rear-quarter - 2022

It is well known within F1 and by aerodynamicists that a simple rear wing profile will allow for closer racing because it significantly reduces wake.

Mark Antar F1 Concept Car - front-quarter - 2022

F1’s current rear wing configuration under the new rules is formed from hours of engineering test data. Indeed, the new F1 car has promoted closer racing, but is the spectacle any better? That is the question.

The featured F1 concept was created by Mark Antar Design.

Mark Antar F1 Concept Car - front - 2022
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