Rolls Spectre EV in demand surge
Rolls Royce Considers Extending Spectre EV Production As Demand Surges
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When Rolls Royce revealed the all-new Spectre EV in October 2022, little did the company’s accountants and analysts envision that demand would exceed supply. Eager customers will get behind the wheel of their new Spectre EV in the fourth quarter of 2023. The Spectre EV replaces the two-door Wraith and the order book is filling up fast with demand stretching well into 2023. The Spectre has a starting price of £350,000 and will form part of the company’s “third pillar” sales strategy.

The Cullinan SUV is at the top of the Rolls Royce sales strategy followed by the Ghost sedan, and the Spectre EV is the meat in the product sandwich. The Cullinan SUV accounted for nearly half of Rolls Royce’s sales in 2022 which totalled 6,021 globally. The company’s top sales regions were the Americas, the Middle East and China.

Technical details of the Rolls Royce Spectre are sparse. One can extrapolate that Rolls Royce will rely on BMW’s current EV technology/architecture as used in the iX. The iX uses two battery sizes, 76kWh and 100kWh, the latter is currently the industry standard, the largest battery pack available for EV manufacturers.

Rolls Royce says that the Spectre will have a range of 320 miles meaning that it will utilise the 100kWh battery pack as standard. The Spectre was developed around an electric architecture from inception, the chassis will form the basis for all future Rolls Royce EVs.

By 2030 Rolls Royce will end the use of V12 powertrains and switch exclusively to electric motors.

Rolls Spectre EV in demand surge
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