Goonzquad, re-building a wrecked Lamborghini Urus
The Goonzquad Bought A Wrecked Lamborghini Urus, What Happened Next Will Make You Think Twice

The Goonzquad bought a severely damaged Lamborghini Urus a couple of weeks ago. The left side was completely wrecked so the Goonies completely stripped the Urus down to the barebone shell, cut out the damaged bodywork, and replaced the entire left side with new parts. Repairing damaged cars is a very difficult process as much as it is time-consuming. A lot of money is spent for not that much gain.

But if you have a popular, chi-chi-ching Youtube channel the cost of rebuilding a damaged Lamborghini can be offset by numerous monetization/revenue streams. We join the Goonzquad on video diary 13 to see the progress made thus far.

Goonzquad, re-building a wrecked Lamborghini Urus
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