The Stradman Dream House Tour -2023
Taking A Tour of TheStradman’s Completed Dream House

Being a YouTuber can be very lucrative… if you become popular and build up a massive audience. TheStradman is a hyperactive car nut who has a YouTube channel with a big following. A big YouTube following means you can accumulate enough money to build a $3M dream house to accommodate your dream supercar collection. A dream new build house is a nightmare to pay for, but TheStradman doesn’t seem fazed, he cheerfully details how much it cost to build.

He spent $450K to buy a 1.4-acre plot of land, excavation work cost $65K, pouring in the concrete foundations and erecting the walls cost $211K, and the lumber materials and build cost a further $474K. The list is endless and the money is seemingly infinite. Being a car nut, he had to install a car elevator… which cost a grand total of $120K.

However, the real nightmare is yet to begin, TheStradman is mortgaged up to his neck for the next 30 years.

The Stradman Dream House Tour -2023
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