BYD Seal - Build Your Dreams - Heroic Stance
BYD Seal Swims Into Flooded UK EV Market
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Did you know that Chinese auto manufacturer BYD became the largest EV manufacturer in the world in 2022? Yes BYD is the largest EV manufacturer, not Tesla, although Tesla is on course to knock BYD off its pedestal in 2023. Enjoying bumper EV sales in homeland China is no longer enough, BYD is seeking a pathway to expand and is targeting Europe in a bid to embolden its ambitious sales goals. The BYD Seal is the car that will drive those new sales goals and it will launch in the UK later this year.

BYD has quietly launched in the UK market this year introducing the Dolphin hatchback and Atto 3 SUV. The problem is how do you buy one? Where do you go to purchase a BYD in the UK? There is no website, where are the showrooms? Meanwhile, behind the scenes, BYD is courting the UK motoring journalism establishment with a series of press launches.

BYD Seal - Build Your Dreams - Interior

So what do we know about the BYD Seal? It is a sleek Tesla rival, it’s got a Mondeo look about it and rumors suggest it will retail from around £40K. Two powertrains will be available, starting with a 85kWh battery that will power a single 301bhp electric motor which will propel the Seal from 0-62mph in 6 seconds. BYD claims it will offer a 354-mile range and 150kW super fast charging.

BYD Seal - Build Your Dreams - Rear

The second performance variant will feature a dual motor setup with a total system power of 523bhp and a 0-62mph time of 3.2 seconds. However, the battery size is reduced slightly to 80kWh, meaning the range is also reduced to a theoretical 340 miles. The price will not be reduced, expect to pay up upwards of £55K.

Standard interior equipment will include a 10.25-inch digital instrument gauge, a 15.6-inch infotainment system that rotates from a horizontal to vertical axis, and it’s also Android Auto and Apple Carplay compatible. Veagn leather interior only but at least BYD will throw in heated seats and a range of driver safety assists.

The BYD Seal will be UK showroom ready in September, good luck in trying to find a BYD salesroom.

BYD Seal - Build Your Dreams - Heroic Stance
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