MG Cyberster EV Roadster - Heroic Stance
MG’s Cyberster EV Roadster, A Magnificent Revival
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With the launch of the MG Cyberster Roadster EV… who would have thought MG would survive to see this day. Under British and German stewardship it was run into the ground. To be fair BMW did its best and was honorable when it sold the company to the Phoenix Consortium in 2000. Under British command and rebranded MG Rover Group, the company was essentially asset stripped, and by 2005 it was left for dead with $1.4 Billion of debt to its name. That’s when current owners SAIC stepped in. In short, it took Chinese investment and organization to revive MG as it is known today.

OK, so the current MG product portfolio isn’t exciting, but it is affordable and the company has managed to electrify and shoehorn an affordable sub £30K electric car with the MG4 EV. After 2005, who would have thought that MG would survive long enough to produce a state-of-the-art electric sports car? Electric cars were not even in the automotive vernacular back then.

MG Cyberster EV Roadster - vIEW tO kILL

But here it is, the MG Cyberster evoking its Roadster heritage. In a media release, Carl Gotham, Advanced Design Director of the company’s Marylebone design studio in London, comments:

MG Cyberster EV Roadster - Rear

“Our intention was to create a completely new roadster ready for a new generation of sportscar drivers and which opens a bold and compelling new chapter for MG.”

“The focus for Cyberster was to create a design that was respectful of the brand’s illustrious past and to bring back that sporting bloodline, while also being absolutely clear that it should be modern and forward-facing like the MG of today, completely in-tune with the rapid transition to electric vehicles.”

MG Cyberster EV Roadster - fRONT

Cyberster’s evocative styling pays homage to roadsters from MG’s rich heritage, with its distinctive long bonnet, low nose and curvaceous surfaces, while also introducing striking new features such as its distinctive scissor doors and Kammback rear design.

Not even BMW, Porsche, or Lamborghini has managed to release a pure electric 2-door sports coupe for the masses. You have to pay silly money for a pure electric sports car, think Lotus Evija.

The MG Cyberster is expected to arrive for sale in the UK and Europe in the summer of 2024. Pricing will be announced closer to the launch date.

MG Cyberster EV Roadster - Heroic Stance
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