Dodge Ram 1500 EV packs massive battery -
Dodge Takes A Battering Ram To Boost 1500 REV Range
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You may have heard of the Dodge RAM 1500 REV, an electric pickup truck revealed earlier this year by Dodge. At the recent New York Auto show Dodge finally revealed the powertrain specifications. The RAM 1500 REV will be powered by two massive battery packs, a 168 kWh battery is standard and will offer a claimed range of 350 miles. A second larger battery pack will provide 500 miles of range, and to do that Dodge is using a 229 kWh battery pack. Look at it this way, a Tesla Powerwall has a capacity of 13.5 kWh and is enough to power a 4-bedroom house for a typical day’s use.

Another way to compare the RAM 1500 REV is with the Tesla Model X which has a battery capacity of 100 kWh and a maximum real-world range of 300 miles. The solution Dodge is opting for is not innovative, it is simply trying to shoehorn as many batteries into the 1500 REV as possible. This suggests that efficiency gains through software and developing state-of-the-art electric motors are not a top priority for Dodge or the RAM 1500 EV.

 Why? Development costs. Dodge is using third-party battery technology and electric motors. In its rush to get on the EV market, for the moment it’s cheaper for Dodge to outsource house EV technology which could take years to refine if done in-house. But it is a simple formula, big electric pickup requires a big electric battery to reach range objectives and milestones. But Dodge isn’t finished, a flagship spec 1500 REV XR is in the works and likely to offer much more range, how much wasn’t specified.

Dodge Ram 1500 EV packs massive battery -

The standard variant of the Dodge RAM 1500 REV will come packed with 335bhp with two electric motors front and rear providing propulsion. Not the most powerful, however, because electric cars have instantaneous torque, the 1500 REV will be no slouch from a standing start. The more powerful range-topping second variant will offer 654bhp and over 840 Nm of torque.

The RAM 1500 REV will have up to 350 kW fast charging capability allowing 110 miles of range to energize the battery pack in around 10 minutes. And it will also have vehicle-to-home, vehicle-to-grid, and vehicle-to-vehicle charging. You could easily live off the grid with the 1500 REV parked in your garage. But how much will it cost? Bigger battery packs mean bigger prices, expect an entry-level price point of $100k.

The American pick-up truck is being gentrified as it switches to EV.

Dodge Ram 1500 EV packs massive battery -
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