Great Wall Cyberp!ckup Six Wheeler Truck - heroic Stance
Great Wall Motors Reveals Ridiculous Six-Wheeler CyberP!ckup Truck
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You know there are so many Chinese automotive manufacturers around at the moment, it is not too dissimilar to the beginning of the British car industry when many privateers started their own often small car companies. Some grew into large entities many filed for bankruptcy. Today, there are around 40 active automakers in the UK, and over 700,000 vehicles are made every year. China has a bigger population to serve and churns out over 26 million cars per year. Annually, over 33 percent of the global vehicle output is manufactured in China.

China manufactures a lot of cars, the most of any country. That’s a lot of wheels on the road, and now Great Wall Motors has added extra wheels, a six-wheeler Pickup Truck, called CyberP!ckup. The exclamation mark is cleverly inserted to avoid any possible legal wrangling with the Tesla Cybertruck IP.

Great Wall Cyberp!ckup Six Wheeler Truck - Rear Stance

The Great Wall CyberP!ckup rides on 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 33-inch all-terrain tyres and is suspended on hard-wearing nitrogen shock absorbers. It has no less than five locking differentials to enable stable off-road driveability.

Great Wall Cyberp!ckup Six Wheeler Truck - 2023 Shanghai Auto Show

Power is supplied by a 3.0-litre turbo-charged Plugin-Hybrid that develops 510 bhp and 750 Nm of torque. The CyberP!ckup is based on a heavily modified Great Wall Canon Pickup. We tested a Great Wall Pickup/SUV a few years ago, the Steed was built like a tank and had the driveability to match.

Anyway, we’re not sure if the CyberP!ckup is a one-of-kind concept, it’s been decorated with LED light clusters and a wide-body kit. The CyberP!ckup is most probably intended to appeal to Great Wall’s Australian market where the Canon is sold with prices starting from $35,000 AUD.

Methinks it’s a Great Wall publicity stunt, a form of guerrilla marketing.

Great Wall Cyberp!ckup Six Wheeler Truck - heroic Stance
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