Liberty Walk Silhouette - Ferrari 458 Widebody
Knight Stalker Ferrari 458 Widebody Is An Aftermarket Hellraiser From Liberty Walk
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Liberty Walk is doing what Liberty Walk does best, widebody the hell out of anything on 4 wheels, often supercars, always with the wild look. For their latest skunk creation, Liberty Walk prized a Ferrari 458 Challenge track car out of its shell and completely remade every single body panel, with the exception of the roof and doors.

When we say re-worked we mean re-worked, Liberty Walk removed the entire outer paneling and effectively re-skinned the 458 Challenge with a bespoke carbon fiber widebody. And they gave their new re-skin a name, the Silhouette… not Knight Stalker,,, we made that name up.

Liberty Walk Silhouette - Winglet Detail

The original spec 2010 458 Challenge was really a barely modified off-the-shelf 458. The naturally aspirated 4.5-litre, 570bhp V8 received no upgrades. Ferrari instead stripped the interior, put a roll cage in, re-tuned the suspension, dampers, and differential for track use. Only 150 were made.

Liberty Walk Silhouette - Rear Wing

As you can see, the Liberty Walk’s Silhouette features a new wider front incorporating a splitter with aerodynamic winglets. The front bonnet (hood) has massive air channels to improve airflow, wider side skirts, and the rear has the obligatory rear splitter and massive wing.

Liberty Walk Silhouette - Front Splitter

In reality, aerodynamic components really work best at speeds above 80mph. The low ride look is purely for the stance. Thankfully Liberty Walk fitted an air suspension, meaning you can raise the ride height and actually drive it normally.

So how much does the Liberty Walk Siloutte kit cost? The complete body kit costs £58,000 including fitting.

Liberty Walk Silhouette - Ferrari 458 Widebody
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