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Jeremiah Clarkson: About The DB12, Aston Martin Dun’t Have Lot of Money Do They By-Eck

Hello all, Jeremiah here to tell you what’s what, been farming of late, kept busy by the vermin and trash scurrying and polluting the farm shop, otherwise known as the plebians. But of course, I don’t call these poor unfortunate souls plebians to their unwashed faces. You see, I have to show the wall of false pretense and a seductive smile, MAN OF THE PEOPLE! But I recognize the importance of maintaining a respectful and professional demeanor. After all, the plebians contribute to the financial success of the business. HOOO-HAAA!

Anyway, the Aston Martin DB12, I can’t really tell the difference between it and the DB11, looks the same to me. But of course, Aston Martin doesn’t want you thinking that way, they want to control the message, they want you to drink the Kool-aid fueled and enabled by motoring journalists who are now too afraid to lose access but not afraid to lose an iota of self-respect.

Our world is shaped by manufactured consent, crafted through the power of the written word and relayed to the masses through the medium of digital content. This often results in a false portrayal of reality, creating a narrative that can make even false gods appear real.

But the Aston Martin DB12 is real, it’s a real insight into Aston Martin’s one step back, one step slightly further back philosophy. They tell us the DB12 is 80 percent new, they must be referring to the press release because from where I am standing the DB12 looks 80 percent DB11.

What it reveals is that Aston Martin hasn’t got a lot of money to make a real successor so they went for a part-time successor and spent what money they could find on a new interior. Granted the new interior is nice and all, buyers will have to consume a whole lot of CBD gummy bears to believe the DB12 is not a DB11.

The DB12 reveals Aston Martin has all but depleted its fuel reserves. Their tanks are nearly empty, yet they persist in their typical fashion, enduring another stylish journey toward the edge of bankruptcy before being pulled away at the last minute and beginning the process again.

Jeremy Clarkson - Daily Car Blog contributor
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