Volkswagen Gold R 333 - Self Sacrifice
No Thanks Volkswagen, £65,000 For A Golf Is Utter Madness
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Germany is experiencing a period of de-industrialisation that can be traced back to the time when the United States chose to blow up the Nordstream 2 pipeline as part of its proxy war with Russia. This pipeline had been supplying Germany with cheap natural gas from Russia for many years and had helped to boost the country’s economy significantly.

Germany’s politicians knew about America’s plan to destroy Nordstream 2, a collaborative effort with Russia that had taken several years to develop. One year has passed since this self-inflicted gunshot wound, and Germany now finds itself grappling with the onset of a recession.

When Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe, enters into a recession the rest of Europe will follow. The UK lost its way a long time ago, but that’s another story. So what has this got to do with the £65,000 Volkswagen Golf? EVERYTHING!

If you want to know how out of touch VW is, the Volkswagen Golf R 333 is the gold chain around its corporate neck. Even during prosperous periods trying to flog a £65K Golf is going to be a tough sell. So what do you get for £65K? 328 bhp, A lime yellow paint job, semi-slick tyres and an Akrapovic exhaust.

For sure it will be fast, but a Tesla Model Y Performance or Model 3 Performance is faster, cheaper and more practical. The Golf R 333 will be sold in limited numbers exclusively to Germany’s population of trust fund milking millionaire teenagers.

Perhaps that Lmie Yellow paint job will become a target as the recession hit the German population finally realizes that paying £65K for a VW Golf is as mad as causing economic self-sacrifice for a cause no one really wants or understands.

Volkswagen Gold R 333 - Self Sacrifice
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