Geely EX30 by Volvo - Master Stance
All New Geely EX30 Targets Premium EV Buyers At An Affordable Price
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This is the all-new Geely EX30, a sub-compact premium SUV that actually thinks it’s a Volvo. The Geely EX30 proudly wears a Volvo badge because it was styled by Volvo designers. But underneath that sophisticated exterior design language lies the internal machinations of Geely. And that’s a good thing because, without Geely, Volvo would not be one of the first premium European car manufacturers to offer UK buyers a £33,000 battery-electric SUV. This is is a Brexit benefit. Nevertheless, Volvo has the potential to succeed with the Geely EX30, as premium European car manufacturers tend to offer expensive electric vehicles.

So how is Volvo able to offer an ‘affordable’ premium SUV? It’s fairly simple really. The Geely EX30 is manufactured in China. China is currently at the forefront of electric car development, and Europe is lagging behind even if this fact isn’t always emphasized in European automotive or mainstream media. If you require more evidence, then let me point to it… the Geely EX30.

Geely EX30 by Volvo - Side Stance

So here’s the sell, the Geely EX30 range in the UK will come with three different powertrain options: The Single Motor version with 272hp and a 51kWh battery and a 165 mile range. The Single Motor Extended Range with 272hp and a 69kWh battery has an estimated range of 250 miles. The Twin Motor Performance comes with 428hp and the 69kWh battery has an estimated range of 240 miles.

Geely EX30 by Volvo - RQ Stance

On-the-road prices are from £33,795 for the Single Motor versions, £38,545 for Single Motor Extended Range cars, and £40,995 for the Twin Motor Performance models. Don’t believe Volvo’s estimates of a potential driving range of up to 298 miles on a single battery charge, lab-based range testing is flawed and often exaggerated for marketing purposes. Battery charging will be quick and convenient, with 10 to 80% charging in as little as 26 minutes.

Geely EX30 by Volvo - Interior

The top-spec EX30 also promises rapid acceleration, with the Twin Motor Performance version expected to accomplish 0-62mph in just 3.6 seconds. Customers can choose from five exterior paintwork colours and a series of interior treatments, classed as ‘rooms’ – each with its own ambience and character created through different textures, colours and finishes, using a range of sustainable and recycled materials.

Geely EX30 by Volvo - Silent Stance

The initial UK model range consists of two equipment grades, Plus and Ultra. An additional entry-level Core grade will be added at a later date, at a lower price point. The Plus versions come as standard with a 12.3-inch central touchscreen with built-in Google functions and wireless smartphone integration using Apple CarPlay.

There’s also a Harman Kardon premium audio system, featuring a new soundbar that extends across the width of the dashboard. Other features include a two-zone climate control heated front seats and steering wheel, rear camera and front and rear parking sensors, and Pilot Assist/adaptive cruise control with steering assistance.

Geely EX30 by Volvo - Master Stance
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