Skoda Respectline, The Worst Car of The Week
Worst Car of The Week: Celebrating The Joy of Diversity With Skoda’s Enyaq Respectline

The Skoda Enyaq Respectline represents the brand’s commitment to promoting human rights, preserving the environment, and valuing diversity. It symbolically advocates for equal treatment of all individuals, irrespective of their ethnicity, nationality, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other distinguishing factors.

All of the above is rubbish, just rubbish… all of it.

Whether Skoda executives actually believe all of the above is difficult to prove. However, based on our experience, it seems that Skoda’s claims of catering to a more conscious and diverse buyer demographic may just be a marketing tactic aimed at appealing to a generation of potential buyers who possess all of the above qualities.

The Skoda UK Press Department one day informed us that we, the Daily Car Blog, were “not the right fit” for their brand. No definitive reason was ever given, all we know is that someone on their press fleet blew a gasket and was overcome with a tremendous amount of self-importance.

I thought we were all part of one big happy family, celebrating diversity and ethnicity? It doesn’t exist, all of the above is fabricated to make you the buyer believe that all of the above does exist. All of the above, is part of the piped piper marketing funnel strategy, to march as many feet into Skoda showrooms as possible.

Diversity, PAHH!

Inclusion, PAHH!

Respectline, PAHH!

Is Skoda prepared to celebrate the uniqueness of the Daily Car Blog? PAHH!

We didn’t want to dredge up the past, we quietly moved on. But this press release about all of the above embodied by the Skoda Enyaq Respectline really did irritate us.

Skoda Respectline you are a misrepresentation of the values your company supposedly cares about and you are the worst car of the week.

Skoda Respectline, The Worst Car of The Week
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