Abandoned Barn Yard Find, Detailing A Daimler DB18

In the automotive realm, “detailing” is essentially synonymous with the process of thorough car cleansing. The YouTube channel WD Detailing delves into the task of meticulously cleaning an abandoned Daimler DB18 that had been left to the mercy of a delapidated barnyard. The Daimler DB18 was manufactured by British car manufacturer Daimler Company from 1939 to 1953.

The DB18 was powered by a 70 brake horsepower (52 kW) 2,522 cc in-line six-cylinder, pushrod OHV engine. The top speed equated to 76 miles per hour (122 km/h). The Daimler Company was founded in 1896 and eventually became part of Jaguar Cars in 1960.

As of today the Daimler Company remains part of the Jaguar corporation but is registered as a “non trading” corporation.

WD Detailing embarks on a journey to comprehensively wash and cleanse the entire exterior and interior, followed by a meticulous wash, precise clay bar treatment, and skillful paint polishing to revive its former lustre.

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