Balancier Convexe S2 - Vertical - Master Image
Car Watch – Balancier Convexe S2 Timepiece

The Balancier Convexe S2 timepiece is the embodiment of tradition and modernity, bridging its heritage with contemporary design. Presented in two editions, both encased within the newly introduced 41.5 mm framework, This exquisite watch is designed to showcase the beauty of horology.

The hour-ring ascends towards the sapphire crystal, a deliberate design choice to create an illusion of proximity to the glass. The hour and minute hands, adorned in luminescent white, achieve an unprecedented elevation, almost appearing to graze the crystal’s surface, evoking an irresistible temptation to touch time itself.

Balancier Convexe S2 - Close Up

The architectural double open-worked “arch bridge,” with its suspended wheels, exposes the intricacies of the patented movement. In the first iteration, a myriad of grey shades elegantly pays homage to urban architecture.

Balancier Convexe S2 - Vertical

An array of finishes that magnify the craftmanship, variations in color range from frosted plates to straight-grained and mirror-polished surfaces. A solitary burst of color delineates the power reserve, emphasized by an arrow indicating a chronometric precision of 72 hours.

Balancier Convexe S2 - Movement

The alternate rendition, steeped in blue hues, masterfully embraces contrast. The light-toned mainplate sets the stage for a midnight-blue hour-ring adorned with luminescent hour-markers that stand out strikingly. Positioned at 8 o’clock, the large balance and small seconds, showcased on an inclined surface, create a composition that is designed to visually meld softness with contrast.

Production of the new 41.5 mm Balancier Convexe S2 in titanium is limited to a mere 88 pieces of each version, with an asking price of $242240 USD.

Balancier Convexe S2 - Vertical - Master Image
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