VW Greenwash fails with the ID3 update
Volkswagen’s Attempt To Greenwash Its Way Out of Dieselgate Fails With Updated ID3

Ginny Buckley of the YouTube Electrfying channel asks if the Volkswagen ID3 is worth it? No, absolutely not.

The ID3 is nothing more than an expensive attempt by Volkswagen to greenwash its way out of the dieselgate scandal. Ahh dieselgate… remember that? dieselgate was when Volkswagen installed a defeat device in their diesel cars to cheat emissions testing. This deceitful practice lasted for a quarter of a century before it was uncovered and brought to light.

The ID3 was born from the remnants of the diesel particulates that escaped out of the tailpipe of every VW diesel car sold for over 25 years. The rush to bring the ID3 into production has resulted in it being cheap and inefficient, the new updates change nothing. The Volkswagen ID3 is not worth the high price of £37,000.

Although Buckley makes an effort to promote the ID3 and acknowledges its shortcomings, the price of £37,000 GBP is not justified. In my opinion, it would be more beneficial to invest an additional £5,000 GBP to purchase a Tesla Model 3. The Model 3 surpasses the ID3 in terms of technology, construction, and overall superiority.

Just to add some context, we do not promote Tesla in any way, officially or unofficially.

VW Greenwash fails with the ID3 update
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