Lewis Hamilton talking the media
Red Bull Racism Is Completely Unacceptable Says Lewis Hamilton
Formula One

To clarify, Lewis Hamilton has not explicitly accused the Red Bull Racing team of racism. However, he has responded to recent comments by Dr. Helmut Marko, also known as the Mad Dog, regarding Sergio Perez. Distinguishing the Mad Dog’s remarks as either derogatory or having undertones of racist rhetoric is a challenging task. If it sounds like racism then it is racism. The Mad Dog not only insinuated that Sergio Perez’s work ethic is influenced by a supposed lazy Latin temperament but also extended this implication to encompass his fellow Mexicans.

The Mad Dog is a mince meat machine, he savagely excretes blunt assessments on those whom he feels are inferior. The absence of self-reflection and the persistent urge for narcissistic media outbursts often go unchallenged. However, in this instance, someone within the Red Bull Racing team encouraged the Mad Dog to issue a public apology, which he duly did.

Yet Red Bull Racing has not condemned the Mad Dog’s racist rhetoric. Not a word from senior figures within F1. The crusade for diversity within the sport has melted away to reveal nothing more than a marketing facade, cynically aimed at appealing to diverse regions across the globe. The Mad Dog’s racist remarks imply that Formula 1 has no room or time for diversity.

However, Lewis Hamilton, who is no stranger to racism as he climbed through the ranks of single-seater racing, isn’t letting the Mad Dog or Red Bull get away with it, so to speak. In an interview with an F1 broadcasting TV channel, Hamilton openly criticized Mad Dog Marko and raised questions regarding Red Bull Racing’s stance on the issue.

Lewis Hamilton Responds To Mad Dog Markos Racist Comments:

“It’s completely unacceptable” but I am not surprised to hear them. It’s not something you just apologise [for] and it’s all OK. I think there needs to be more done. There are a lot of people in the background that really are trying to combat these sorts of things but it’s hard to manoeuvre if there are people in the top that have those sort of mindsets that just stop us from progressing.”

“While we say there is no room for any type of discrimination within this sport – and there should be no room for it – to have leaders and people in his position making comments like this is not good for us moving forwards.”

“It just shows how important it is that we continue to do the work that I’m trying to do with my team and with the sport. We still have a lot of work to do moving forward to make sure that this is a more inclusive environment.”

Lewis Hamilton talking the media
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