Mat Armstrong Re-Builds -A Wrecked McLaren 720S
Rebuilding A McLaren 720S The Mat Armstrong Way

I think we were the first auto news site to feature Mat Armstrong, back when his channel was really small in terms of subscribers. Since then his channel and his profile have grown… while we continue to remain largely unnoticed. In this video we see Armstrong rebuilding a busted-up McLaren 720S. It’s a great video because Armstong is a have a go hero mechanic which allows the viewer to get an insight into just how complex a McLaren 720S is as we peer into McLaren’s skeletal remains.

Furthermore, we gain a comprehensive understanding of how the McLaren 720S is meticulously assembled. Picture this: the 720S was crafted on a state-of-the-art production line at McLaren’s ultramodern, sleek headquarters which was designed by the renowned architect Sir Norman Foster.

Its new home, however, is now in a more prominent location somewhere in jerkwater Brummie Land, or “Bur-min-um” as the locals colloquially pronounce it.

Mat Armstrong Re-Builds -A Wrecked McLaren 720S
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