2024 Skoda Enyaq - Stanced
Here’s What you Need to Know About The Slightly Revised Skoda Enyaq
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In brief, it’s advisable to reconsider purchasing the Skoda Enyaq EV for two reasons. The claimed range does not accurately reflect the vehicle’s actual performance, and the charging network is suboptimal. Buying a Skoda is no longer synonymous with being simply stupid and imprudent. If you are contemplating an electric vehicle, opting for a Tesla is a simply clever choice due to its superior technology and charging infrastructure.

Anyway, the 2024 year model brings a number of technical upgrades for the Enyaq, here’s what you need to know and no more:

New 85 and 85x powertrain versions offer improved power, 286 PS (210 kW), vRS variants now with 340 PS (250 kW).

Optimised battery management and new pre-conditioning feature reduce charging times to under 30 minutes.

Increased top speed of 111 mph (180 km/h) for Enyaq 85 Edition and 85x SportLine Plus and range increased to over 270 miles depending on the model specification.

Charging rate of up to 175 kW through improved cell chemistry and software management of the 82 kWh high-voltage battery.

L&K Design Selection comes in Black or Shell and ventilated leather seats with massage function, and improved vehicle software for increased user-friendliness and safety.

2024 Skoda Enyaq - Stanced
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