Harry's Garage Review of the BMW i5 M60
The BMW i5 M60 Is Premium Luxury Rubbish Says Harry’s Garage

When we criticized BMW for producing premium luxury rubbish vehicles, we received a grammatically error-ridden email from BMW UK PR, dismissing our criticisms as “questionable.” Rather than engaging with them, we recognized that being on the press roster entails complete submission. Realising our time was up, we decided to permanently block them and hold no intention of returning to the BMW PR dictatorship.

There is a singular specific reason why we were so critical of BMW, but there is no need to disclose that detail. Today BMW refers to us as the non-established media. We’re totally happy with that status, for they have plenty of other people, an endless line of motoring journalists, prepared to bend the knee.

Or so we thought.

Mr. Harry, proprietor of Harry’s Garage Youtube channel, isn’t merely a wealthy elderly bloke with too much time on his hands, he is the media establishment. Mr. Harry is the esteemed founder and former owner of EVO Magazine. Undoubtedly, BMW relies on Mr. Harry more than he relies on BMW. In this scenario, BMW has to bend the knee.

However, in a significant and unexpected twist, Mr. Harry’s review of the BMW i5 M60 reached a scathing conclusion. Much like an uncontrollable dog frothing at the mouth, Mr. Harry fervently urged people against purchasing the all-electric i5 M60, stating that the EV range is abysmal, lacks the feel of a £120,000 car and fails to embody the essence of a performance BMW.

In other words, the BMW i5 M60 is premium luxury rubbish and Mr. Harry repeatedly implores people not to purchase it.

Mr. Harry’s review resembles the type of critique we would offer, rather than that of an established motoring journalist. We are still perplexed as to why Mr. Harry would jeopardize his relationship with BMW.

Unlike us here at DCB HQ, Mr. Harry will not encounter any retaliatory action from BMW, as he holds a position of authority in the industry.

Harry's Garage Review of the BMW i5 M60
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