2024 Mercedes GLS Review by Mat Watson
Mat Watson Can’t Believe How Good The Mercedes GLS Isn’t

Carwow, partially owned by Mercedes, seems to have disregarded the corporate script, which typically discourages critiques of Mercedes. Mercedes-Benz is represented by their corporate executive Axel Harries who sits on Carwow’s board of directors. However, Carwow presenter Mat Watson either cannot adhere to the script or has chosen to pursue genuine unbiased journalism—a rarity within corporate media, where such integrity is almost extinct.

During his review of the Mercedes GLS, Mat Watson concludes that the Mercedes GLS simply isn’t good enough for a vehicle costing an eye-watering £125,000. Such an opinion is a direct critical assault on the Mercedes brand.

But don’t worry, Watson’s career will not be derailed by a furious Mercedes management team back in Germany. The seemingly negative YouTube headline was simply a case of classic clickbait.

In the end, Watson concluded that one should indeed consider the GLS before ultimately countering the argument that other brands might offer better experiences for the price.

With that said, I can conclude that motoring journalism is, indeed, extinct. Oh well, nice while it lasted.

2024 Mercedes GLS Review by Mat Watson
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